Breathe and reconnect with nature.

Reenergize and improve your physical and mental health.

We offer a program designed so that each person soaks in the inner experience of the retreat, beyond the mind and emotions. Cultivating silence helps enrich this experience.

Come and walk through a paradise of calm and natural beauty. Do yoga and meditation daily and develop conscientiousness for the here and now in every action of every moment. The yoga retreat is a vacation designed to undo agitation brought on by stress and to reconnect with ourselves through millennial practices that allow us to achieve a deep relaxation and recharge ourselves with vital energy.

During this retreat, you will be able to do yoga while you simultaneously detox your body. We use utilize fresh juices, smoothies, and a raw fruit and vegetable diet to supplement the detoxication process to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind. The fresh fruit and vegetable juices along with other natural products help to clean, regenerate, and heal the body at a cellular level, strengthening and developing the immune system.




$150 USD per person
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Group rates based on 6 people, $120 USD per person


This retreat meets before sunrise in downtown Pucon on the corner of Colo Colo and Clemente Holzapfel. We go to the Lake for mediation. Afterwards, based on what you and your group have requested for a yoga stye, we go to one of various yoga studios in the town center. After the Yoga session we either go to CaƱi or Huerquehue for the hike, depending on what you have requested. For more information on our Private Day Tour, which days it takes place and what style of tour you are looking for, just send us an email and we will respond with detailed information on how to participate and booking information.
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